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- Aug 24, 2017 -

                Guangxi's largest waterfall cold water waterfall is located in Longlin County County, 6 kilometers southeast of the cold water river. The underground river Meida out of the ground, across layers of cliffs, forming 72 waterfalls and drop in the range of 10 kilometers, the most spectacular of which is the cold-water waterfall. The cold water falls divides into three strands, the total width about 30 meters, the height nearly 100 meters, the long-term average flow per second 5.23 cubic meters.Waterfall

                The long stems of the water at the edge of the waterfall are exceptionally high and beautiful, green leaves with purple red branches, demon Jiao decorate in the silk white cloth next to, water duck foot begonia that like the foot of the blade also along the waterfall on both sides of the mountain wall cotton spread, summer flowering is more beautiful. Because there are not too many artificial facilities, the felling of silk waterfall is still very rugged and natural, like hiding in the mountains of a constantly sway luster of jade, the water is slightly red rock is simple and soft edge ornaments, blending the sharp glare of the splash and the brilliant light.Waterfall

                In western Hunan, the fall of the quicksand falls up to 216 meters, is said to be the crown of the country. From the town, the village path to the Quicksand waterfall, walking along the road and stop, at a corner, you can see the waterfall far away. Most of the time, the waterfall from the cliff above the sky, the very high gap, water to the following scattered into quicksand-like. Visitors can along the two sides of the mountain road, from the waterfall, the faint water if the fog like a yarn, and feel like into the curtain cave general, there is silk drizzle, immersed in the heart and spleen. As the sand drops with the wind, blowing in the face, hands, bushes, stone, running to the end, it sinks into the waterfall under the Blue Lake.Waterfall

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