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Water Mist Project Is Not Suitable For Every Place
- Jul 10, 2018 -

When the air humidity is lower than 70%, the extreme maximum temperature difference between the spray zone and the direct sunlight zone is large (generally up to 5 °C ~ 15 °C), and the spray effect is obvious; the spray zone and the direct solar zone have extreme temperature difference when the air humidity is higher than 70%. Not big, the spray effect is not good. At this point, wind should be added to increase the cooling effect.

The spray zone will have different cooling ranges from far to near and near, and the humidity will increase from far to near. The temperature difference in the direct area is mainly reflected in the changes in the clouds, the surface medium. For example, the grass and shrubs are 2°C lower than the pavement surface temperature; the average temperature difference between the shadow area and the direct area is 2~3°C; the average temperature difference between the detection area and the direct area close to the water surface is 3~5°C.

  For places where the air humidity is quite large, the fog spray cooling not only does not significantly improve the air humidity, but also increases the discomfort of the human body. It is recommended to increase the wind source appropriately. The specific implementation should be in line with the landscape design.