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The "Music Fountain" Bring A Full Range Of "audio-visual Touch" Enjoy
- May 05, 2016 -

The "Music Fountain" for many people, the word is no stranger to world famous Dubai fountain and many people have heard of. The "Music Fountain", as the name suggests is a landscape form of music combined with fountains, through ever-changing fountain style, combined with colorful color lighting to reflect the meaning of music and music themes.

Music performances fountain is in program fountain of based Shang joined has music control system, computer through on audio and the MIDI signal of recognition, for decoding and coding, eventually will signal output to control system, makes fountain of styling and the lights of changes and music keep synchronization, to reached fountain water type, and lights and the color of changes and music mood of perfect combined, makes fountain performances more vivid rich connotation.

A good musical fountain, water changes should be able to fully show music, show unique landscape features, creating a full range of Visual, auditory and tactile senses.