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The Composition Of Water Fountain And The Main Points Of Construction Technology
- Jul 09, 2017 -

    The fountain is constructed by artificial plastic or natural spring pool, to spray beautiful water posture, for people to watch the waterscape. The fountain is an important component of the garden, the part of the fountain's classification. In the modern garden, besides the botanical landscape, the fountain is also an important landscape, it is not only a waterscape art, embodies the dynamic, static combination, the formation of a clear and lively atmosphere, to the enjoyment of beauty; At the same time, the fountain can also increase the anion content in the air, to purify the air, increase air humidity, reduce environmental temperature and so on, so deeply loved by people. There are many kinds of fountains, which can be divided into the following types.Water Fountain
    The common decorative fountain consists of a fixed fountain of various floral patterns. Combined with the sculpture Fountain Fountain and sculpture together to form a landscape. Water sculpture by artificial, machinery to shape a variety of large-scale attitude, forming a landscape. The automatic control fountain uses the electronic technology, according to the design procedure controls the water, the light, the sound, the color and so on, forms the strange, the changing landscape. Other types in addition to the above, there are high fountains, dry fountains, folding fountains, music fountains, running springs, springs, floating fountains, sketch springs, Italian fountain, music running springs, etc., but also through the spray to form a unique waterscape.Water Fountain
    Fountain Engineering construction methods and technical points: familiar with the design drawings and grasp the current situation before construction, first of all, the fountain design map has a general analysis and understanding of the design intent, grasp the design method, on this basis on the construction site survey, on-site construction conditions to have overall grasp, which conditions can be fully utilized, which must be removed. Good engineering work is based on the specific requirements of the project, the preparation of construction budget, the implementation of project contract, the preparation of construction plans, mapping of construction, construction code, safety measures, technical responsibility and management regulations. The preparation work ① arranges each kind of temporary facility, the staff life and the office room and so on. Warehouse on demand, so as to minimize the investment of temporary facilities. ② organization materials, machinery, all kinds of construction materials, machinery, etc. should be responsible for the acceptance of registration, good construction progress, to have the purchase plan, in and out of the library to perform formalities, careful record, and ensure the quality of materials specifications. ③ do a good job of labor deployment. Should be based on the actual construction methods and schedule reasonable organization of labor, especially the use of parallel construction or cross construction, more attention should be paid to labor deployment, to avoid idleness waste.Water Fountain