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Temperature Measurement Of Argon Laminar Jet With DC Decompression
- Jul 15, 2017 -

              Space electric propulsion generally produces a much higher ratio than a chemical fuel rocket, and has a prominent advantage in the task of requiring high precision control and accumulating long running time and low thrust to meet the needs. The power-kilowatt-level arc-heating thruster has become a mature technology used in satellite attitude and orbit control abroad, but it has a certain distance from practical application in China. It can provide important reference for improving the structure of thruster, improving operation reliability and efficiency by using plume parameter detection to understand physical process and energy conversion law in small space inside thruster. In this paper, the dynamic pressure and distribution of the plume are measured in the vacuum environment of the thruster, and the feasibility and application range of the force measuring method by detecting the dynamic pressure to obtain the thrust is discussed.Laminar Jet

               Using a kilowatt-level arc-heating thruster developed by itself, the h2-n2 mixture with volume flow ratio of 2:1 is the propellant, the working arc current is 8 A; under the condition that the propellant flow is 4.5 SLM, the pump group can stabilize the pressure in the vacuum cavity in about ten Pa. The cone-shaped water-cooled dynamic pressure probe is cone-shaped, and the center has a diameter of 0.9 mm pressure differential sensor with a back end connection response frequency of 1 khz. The arc-heating thruster is mounted on a two-dimensional translational platform with accurate movement, and the axial and radial displacement of the plume is measured by a fixed pressure probe.Laminar Jet

               The experimental results show that the exit of the thruster in the dynamic pressure probe is 7.5 mm, measured in the plume of the maximum cardiac pressure of about 5100 PA, as the distance increases, the dynamic pressure drops sharply, in the case of Panax Notoginseng. 5 mm reduced to about $number PA, this range of the axial mean variation gradient of the internal dynamic pressure is about $number pa/mm. The results of integral of the radial distribution of the dynamic pressure of the fixed axial distance indicate that the dynamic pressure probe is placed in the radial scanning between the exit $number mm of the thruster and the integral value of the radial distribution of the dynamic pressure conforms well with the thrust value measured by other methods. This method can be used to analyze the precondition and mechanism of thrust detection of arc-heating thruster and will be reported in detail at the meeting.Laminar Jet