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Take A View Of The Waterfall
- Sep 21, 2017 -

     After a long and complex erosion, many spectacular waterfalls have been formed around the world, in addition to the world famous Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and the Iguazu Falls, let's take a look at the waterfall in other places with beautiful views.Waterfall

     The waterfall is the most magnificent of these waterfalls, it is 74 meters high, 81 meters wide, and flooded season, such as the dragon churning, spray splash, water droplets flying, low water season, waterfalls are like million strands of silver, soft and colorful, but also another wind. I felt the rain falling from the waterfall towards you before I saw the waterfall.Waterfall

      Huangguoshu Pubu around the forest lush, rock phosphorus xun, Karst caves, Longtan star Luo also mysterious difficult to solve the Red Crag Monument, Guansuo collar on the ancient Yidao and other places of interest, let people overwhelmed; In short, the Huangguoshu Pubu Scenic area will never have negative you from afar.Waterfall

      In the Huangguoshu Pubu behind the curtain hidden a hundred meters long curtain cave, in addition to strange stalactites in the cave, there are hole, hole windows and Cave Springs, really hidden tianbao essence of the land. One of the felling waterfall, stretching several meters outside, standing in touch with the front of the waterfall to reach the waterfall, and can touch waterfalls under the waterfall, the sound of the noise to make you feel the earth with the pulse of the waterfall vibration. Waterfall

      The Rhino pond under the waterfall can let a person step into water, from the nearest distance of the waterfall to feel the magic of nature and marvel at the uncanny yellow fruit tree.Waterfall