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Part Introduction Of Laminar Jet
- Aug 31, 2017 -

     The laminar flow nozzle has the corresponding measure to eliminate the external disturbance to the flow, so that the water jet always keeps the laminar flow state and forms the glass columnar transparent effluent column. Its boundary layer water jet and atmosphere air, do not occur gas-doped two-phase flow; The water vapor interface remains smooth and complete, and can reflect all the light in the column like a fiber. Thus, the water splashing activities and rainbow tunnels, such as new, odd, special shape provides the implementation of the conditions.Laminar Jet

     Laminar flow fountain can produce a very thin uniform water film, forming a "blister spring", "Gem Spring" and other water forms, matching lighting lighting, the formation of Rainbow Tunnel. If equipped with hydraulic, electric or pneumatic cutting mechanism, the continuous glass-like water column cut into different lengths of the "underwater bomb", you can form a "glass light jump Spring" and other dynamic waterscape. Laminar flow nozzle is different from the special structure of common nozzle, it is the key technology of Laminar fountain.Laminar Jet

     The Laminar fountain, like other man-made waterscape, requires the pump to inhale the fluid (water) from the suction nozzle, and after pressurizing, through the water pipe, the valve, through the nozzle (mouth) to shoot the effluent jet. Because the flow rate of the laminar flow nozzle is low, the flow rate is small, the range and the spraying height are limited, so it is not easy to form spectacular waterscape. Domestic existing laminar flow nozzle, general shot high hmax<3m, the maximum range lmax<9m, glass water column diameter d in the 20mm or so, the wind resistance is poor, far from meeting the outdoor large water fountain requirements; the effect is not very ideal, compared with foreign advanced products, there is still a big gap.Laminar Jet

    Water filter network, through the pump pressure, into the flow chamber, the pressure water through the eight-layer water regulator plate, so that it is in laminar flow, from the nozzle to the glass-like water column. Stepper motor (drive voltage 24V) to drive the cutting blade, in the cutting drive room, the glass-like water column cut into a section of "underwater bombs"; Splash Protection Board and reduce the splash protection plate, so that the cutting process blocked water, fall back to the flow chamber.Laminar Jet

   The laminar flow nozzle illumination uses 12V, 75~100w high energy cold halogen lamp, irradiation angle 20°~30°. As the pump outlet of the flow and water pressure head are low, power, motor start-up and rated current is not small, and the use of 230v/50hz power supply. At this time, the motor rated current 1.17~1.82A, Power 250~400w.Laminar Jet