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Musical Fountain Is Today The Highest Forms Of Water
- May 23, 2016 -

Musical fountain is the highest form of water today. Combination of endless fountain waterscape, claim that the Government is "dynamic sculptures". Xuanen musical fountain with its unique size and changing form, will be the highlight of Xuanen County municipal building and future tourism in Xuanen County card.

Xuanen music water fountain is the core of viewing points, shape, change fast, attractive and appealing.

Centre high pressure Jet. Design Center Jet 70 meters high, a stout jets are springing up, and water potential of vast, magnificent, towering jade chopstick, proudly stands. The inverter under the regulation, rising water effects.

The movie. Movie on the curtain in the water playing colours illuminate the graphics, text, play the movie, show excellent results. Atomized water screen makes the picture of disembodied feeling, coupled with changing water feature for visitors to head for free. Movie special to reflect player, used specifically for the movie film specially made video. Due to the movie screen is a transparent film, so the movie will have a special optical effects, the penetrating vision of the screen so that the screen has a solid feel, the film's unique combination of content and water, there is a feeling, immersive fantasy, is the perfect combination of high tech and Xuanen culture.