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Music Fountain
- Jul 22, 2017 -

                The Fountain of music is not just a fountain with music. It has assembled the ballet music, the color light and the laser and so on advanced technology, utilizes the most advanced laser science and technology, the image, three-dimensional animation, the music and so on arranged a spirit person uplifting performance, presents the beautiful scene. Because of the combination of lights and lasers, the most beautiful time of the musical fountain is naturally one of the most fascinating sights of Sentosa night after nightfall.Water Fountain

               Every time it gets dark, the fountain of Music, with the music and the lasers, graceful dance, dance full of vitality of the posture, give people the Passion of life, as well as the screen formed by the water column, in the above with a laser light projection of the performance of the Mini plot, tell the story of the lion's tail in singapore ... Either way, it gives viewers the shock and grace beyond imagination, so that when the music stops, onlookers will not leave.Water Fountain

               With the continuous improvement of the material and spiritual living standards of our people, there are many kinds of music fountains in the civic squares, units and residents ' living quarters of Chinese cities. Music Fountain, as the name implies, refers to the fountain of water in accordance with the rhythm and rhythm of music play a regular change, supplemented by light, laser or other media changes in the people's vision and hearing to form a harmonious, so that people in the spirit of a pleasant feeling.

Music fountain in a variety of forms, the author engaged in the Music fountain control system design and manufacturing experience can be broadly divided into the following:

               Ornamental Fountain: Music program Control fountain (divided into water features, lighting control, Waterscape + lighting control, etc.), running Springs, film films, laser performance fountain, Volcano Fountain, program-controlled small scene, atomized landscaping, stage mobile water features, sculpture fountains, waterfalls, ultra-high-style fountains, etc.Water Fountain

               The game participates in the fountain: Jumps the spring, the Pearl Fountain, The fountain Labyrinth, the voice-activated fountain, the step spring, the movement fountain, the time tunnel and so on; family fountain landscape. Music fountain involves a wide range of professional, including music signal analysis, water supply and drainage, electrical control, communication, camera technology, computer automatic control, three-dimensional animation production and network communication technology. So the music fountain is a highly integrated industry. The successful implementation of a musical fountain project requires the close cooperation of the professional engineering staff in the above aspects to be completed.