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Laminar Jet Water Fountain
- Dec 25, 2018 -

    The Laminar jet can spray water like a glass tube without any splashes.Like bright, clean glass pillars, they arch across the pool, creating a row of colored rainbows in the sky.Large size luminous nozzle can provide 5 meters (long) x 3 meters (H) spray span, the spray will not lose its shape.Large, medium and small igniter jets and igniter dance jets are available upon request.Different ignition jets are usually used as a combination of water fountain views and swimming pool water views, creating different levels of landscape in flowing water.Therefore, light and water are perfectly combined in a vivid way.The number of jets lit and the number of jets lit can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the environment.It can be installed separately to present a scene in which a column of water jumps from one pool to another.They can also be installed in different combinations to create wonderful and harmonious water animations in the air.When they are installed on the sidewalk, people can walk through the locks without getting wet, the breeze gently touches your face, the water doesn't even have any ripples, it's really great.GO-F-040 (17)