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How To Carry Out Routine Maintenance Of Fountain Equipment
- Jun 26, 2018 -

First of all, professional fountain equipment maintenance work is best done by a professional fountain company.

1. The fountain maintenance is the most important one. The fountain pump is working for a long time. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the fountain pump is very necessary. If the fountain pump works for 500 hours, the pump of the fountain pump needs to be taken out for lubrication and maintenance. Because the fountain pump works for a long time, the lubrication function will be weakened. Therefore, adding lubricant regularly can prevent the fountain pump from generating friction when it is working for a long time, otherwise it will cause overload operation and affect the service life of the fountain. .

2. In addition, the wires of the fountain should also be checked at regular intervals. Because the fountain operates in the water, problems such as leakage of electricity due to aging of the electric wires can easily lead to accidents caused by electric shock. Therefore, the maintenance of the wire must be regular, so that the safety of the fountain can be guaranteed.

3. When the weather turns cold, fountains in most areas in the north will enter the stop-spray stage. How the dormant period of the fountains passes will affect the opening effect of the fountains. Therefore, after the fountains stop spraying and stop spraying, fountains must be maintained. jobs.

4. Professional maintenance personnel are required to maintain fountain equipment. Electrical equipment maintenance personnel must also hold a professional induction certificate. The maintenance and repair of electrical equipment should be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power supply. If there are special circumstances that require live working, safety precautions should be taken. Special persons should be provided with guardianship at important locations.

5. The underwater light of the fountain is to be checked every month and the loose screws, especially running springs, are fastened. To avoid the short circuit caused by water entering the fountain underwater lamp body. Underwater lamp replacement must be performed under water-free conditions and the bolts tightly fastened.

6. The fountain standby equipment should be started and operated regularly (high frequency of use every day, low frequency of use, one change at a time) to prevent equipment performance from deteriorating.

7. The fountain submersible pump must cool the cooling water during winter shutdown to avoid icing damage to the pump body. (Oil cooling needs to close the valve). The suction port of the pump should be cleaned every month to prevent the dirt from clogging the suction port, reducing the work efficiency and even causing damage to the equipment.

8. Waterproof cable must be connected under water-free conditions, and use three layers of waterproof tape, insulation tape, high voltage insulation tape. Every six months check the aging condition of wires and cables that are not in the water and prevent unnecessary losses.