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Hefei Will Invest 245 Million To Build The Swan Lake Lighting Project
- Jul 09, 2018 -

According to these four areas, more detailed lighting design will be carried out. The color temperature will be changed from the low-color warm color of the west bank to the high-temperature warm white light transition from the north bank to the east bank to the south bank. The south bank of the east bank allows colored light.

       In the use of light, the North Shore uses light, floodlighting, and light washing; a small amount of point light and line light that have a strong impact on people's vision. The West Bank uses light and light to create a quiet and livable atmosphere, with a small amount of light and line light. The south bank uses spot light and line light, and uses a small amount of floodlight, light projection, and line light. The east bank uses spot light and line light to present the city's technological prosperity, and a small amount of use of floodlighting, floodlighting, and washing.