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Garden Treatment Water Spring Waterfall
- Jul 15, 2017 -

          1, Spring Waterfall: Springs for the underground gush of water, waterfall is the cliff fell water, garden water often make water into these two forms. Water is either a natural spring or a diversion or artificial water source (such as tap water). The treatment of the fountain, generally made into a stone sinus such a scene, looking deep tetrahedrite dark, like a fountain. Waterfall cable, curtain, shunt, folding and other forms, mainly in the treatment of cliff, water mouth and handed down the stone. Water sources are now generally used tap water or water pumps to drain the pool, wells and so on. In Suzhou Gardens there are rain-guiding eaves, and rainy days can be a waterfall.Waterfall

           2, Deep pool: Small and dark water, generally in the accumulation of springs and waterfalls bear. The shore should be stacked stone, light should be dark, water level should be low, the stone seam configuration oblique out, drooping or climbing plants, with a big tree capping, resulting in a deep atmosphere.Waterfall

          3, Stream: Spring waterfall water outflow from the mountain of a dynamic waterscape. The stream should be more curved to increase the flow, showing a long history, endless stretches. More use of natural stone shore, gravel as the bottom, the water should be shallow, can be several fish, but also wading. Tour path must be when the edge of the river, when stepping step (see Park Bridge), the trees on both sides of the landscape, such as the scenery, such as Hangzhou, "Nine Creek 18 gorges." Sometimes caused by the river bed stone bone exposure, water shock turbulent sound, such as Wuxi sent Chang Garden's "eight gully." Qushui is also a kind of stream, this Shaoxing Orchid Pavilion "Stadium" is made of natural stone with the reason of the gully method. Some gardens in the "Flow Cup Pavilion" in the pavilion in the ground chisel into a pattern of stone groove, let the water slowly over, this practice has evolved into a building sketch.

           4, the river: the river water surface such as belt, the water is gentle, the garden commonly used narrow-shaped pool to express, causes the scenery to be rich to change. The river can be long and short, can be straight and curved, wide and narrow, there are put. The river uses the soil bank, the suitable plant, also can fake mountain into the water to form "canyon", showing steep mountains. Can be located on both sides of the river Waterside, such as local use of plastic an and steps. Water can be rowed, narrow bridge, from the longitudinal view, can increase the depth of the landscape and the sense of hierarchy. For example, the Beijing Summer Palace after the lake, Yangzhou thin West Lake.Waterfall