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Fire Fountain Analysis Of The Present Situation
- May 26, 2017 -

Through the Fire Fountain of water landscape art, we can see that the Fire Fountain is not only a visual architecture, but also to reflect a certain artistic and design sense. And many of the Fire Fountains around us have become a kind of architectural style of the people's eyes. Lack of the Fire Fountain itself as a continent water landscape construction existence significance.

First, the Fire Fountain construction miscellaneous and disorderly lack of coordination with the overall building. In a lot of theme parks, landscape can be seen in the large and small Fire Fountains, but some of the design of the Fire Fountain is really not in line with the overall architecture. Fire Fountain as a water landscape although the technology can control the flow twist, but also need to spend large pots of money and water resources. In fact, the Fire Fountain water landscape construction should be in concert with the buildings of the Zhou Group. Instead of becoming an element, the chaotic presentation ignores the basic spatial separation of the Fire Fountain.

Second, Fire Fountain construction officials jump wind, most of the poor quality of the Fire Fountain, there is only a Fire Fountain saw no water spray. Because of the characteristics of the Fire Fountain itself and people's love for the Fire Fountain. Many places have built large and small Fire Fountains, Fire Fountain music square, laser Fire Fountain and other High-tech Fire Fountain facilities. But many places blindly follow suit, build Fire Fountain, Fire Fountain is a kind of facility that everywhere. And, many of the Fire Fountains have been built and problems, not easy to repair, the Fire Fountain has become a device, do not spray water. Many of our city's citizens in public green space and Park Square to see a Fire Fountain, but many Fire Fountains do not have water, this is the phenomenon of wind-restricted construction. Because of the construction of big I, the effect of many Fire Fountains is not obvious, Fire Fountain company for underwater spray pump laying, piping design, lighting design unreasonable, this caused a lot of Fire Fountain water construction after the design of the spray a few times, the pipeline problems, stopped spraying water. The maintenance and maintenance of Fire Fountains are more expensive. So after the construction of the Fire Fountain landscape. Because of the quality and the problem, the phenomenon is only the land does not gush water everywhere.

Finally, the utility of Fire Fountain water landscape is not strong. This is a lot of Fire Fountain water landscape problem. The most familiar example is the musical Fire Fountain in front of Kunming railway station, which, after its construction, has become an obstacle to the arrival and departure of passengers, but the case is removed. Therefore, we should consider its practical effect when building water landscape of Fire Fountain.