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Electric Fountain And The Movie Can Be More Beautiful
- May 23, 2016 -

Recently, the East Lake Wetland Park fountain and the movie successfully power up test marks the 10kV xingren Lake fountain power complementary development works are completed, electric fountain and the movie can be more beautiful.

Lake Wetland Park Lake music fountain total investment 20 million Yuan, music fountain total long 100 meters, wide 15 meters, fountain panorama to bar layout for framework, to spray high 80 meters Center high spray for subject, to s shaped layout for theme elements, design has horses, and thousand hand goddess, and Peacock, water shaped; round music fountain design for diameter 36 meters, fountain waterscape to high spray for Center, to petals styling of fountain plane layout for foil, design has mainstay, and thriving, and Dragon hold column, and petals, and ROC spreads its wings, such as water. Water screen-specific film or music can be played on water curtain, presenting peculiar three-dimensional effect, bright laser beams, water curtain with the beautiful natural scenery of Lake donghu seamless, music, fountains, laser fusion, and beautiful. Become a landscape and xingren County in East Lake Wetland Park a city card.