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Computer Music Fountain Control System And Control Method
- May 23, 2016 -

1. the music signal acquisition capabilities, by frequency characteristics extracting active ingredients.

2. troubleshoot the fountain equipment, host can be running, leakage and drive cabinets for diagnosis.

3. Chinese menu-driven operating system, enabling operators to learn to operate in a short time, with various dynamic musical fountain display shapes and patterns change, the operator through a computer screen you can observe the various changes to the fountain, greatly facilitates the music fountain music and operations personnel.

4. open architecture, friendly, open communication interfaces and programming skills to the user, only two mouse buttons to complete the musical fountain music, it is easy to make music distribution music library continuously enriched, always gives a fresh feeling.

5. direct control of the music fountain, direct drive pumps, drives or servers.

6. swing motor swing speed and direction control, the maximum amount of control to 1024 or more. Fountain controller uses the MUCS system, with any audio source (CD player, tape recorder, live performances, and so on), in ensuring the music signal without distortion of the case, music and a fountain full synchronization.