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Application Of Time Inverter In Water Fountain
- Jul 15, 2017 -

           Times inverter in the market for more than two years, by all walks of life, favored by the long-term investigation and customer feedback, the Times TVF2055 inverter, can be used in vertical fountain dynamic adjustment.Water Fountain

           1. Inverter performance: TVF2055 inverter is a kind of low noise and high-performance inverter. Advanced control technology is adopted. The control system calculates the motor drive load power at high speed and maximizes the output torque of the motor. Using the #u/f control mode, can be combined with the load to achieve a smooth deceleration in the shortest time, can quickly respond to rapid load and timely detection of regenerative power, to achieve automatic acceleration and deceleration process without tripping.Among the rich functional options of the inverter, one function is to choose a predetermined 7-segment speed running program. All these functions are ideal for controlling vertical fountain change control requirements.

           2, installation of the situation: The Times TVF2000 series Inverter built-in Simple plc, which can simultaneously drive 2 of the same type of submersible pump, model for qy65-7-2.2, the distribution machine for the two-pole motor. Inverter and motor connection using more corrosion-resistant and high strength of the rubber sheath cable, immersed in water equipment and cable connectors have done a very good waterproof treatment. Because of the whole control cabinet open-air setting, the inverter has a reliable grounding protection. Toggle switch set mainly for the convenience of the site and debugging, usually the Kaifeng closed, that is, through the exchange contact with the daily open contact, the frequency converter to control.Water Fountain

          3, Experience: Inverter speed control technology is a major development direction of modern power transmission technology, frequency conversion device has excellent speed regulation performance and obvious energy-saving effect, widely used in all walks of life, some in order to save electricity, such as water industry, some in order to improve the production process and production. In recent years, in the Fountain Project also a large number of use of inverter, so that the fountain more dynamic. In the use of the fountain, the inverter device itself with the function, such as in its periphery to add programmable controller or sound control equipment and other effects will be better. In addition, by changing the slope of deceleration, you can further play the potential of the inverter.Water Fountain