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Xuanen Tribute River Main Modeling Musical Fountain
- May 23, 2016 -

"Seven sisters". 6 spray in high pressure spray on both sides of subtropical high in the order, symbol with high pressure Jet Grouting in Xuanen County grand and magnificent seven sisters mountain, turned on the momentum of the magnificent, showing the seven sisters, the majestic, towering. "The light is shining". 90 round 15-meter circular uniform distribution of the water column, made up of 90 valve control, running multiple combinations of effects, can form a single run, double sided runs, 3 water curtain spray formation cluster beats, align, and so on, high scientific and technological content, strong interest.

"Millions of people's hearts." DC sprinkler around 14 meters in diameter circular uniform distribution, high pressure spray, like millions of people's hearts, frequency control, slowly increase or decrease with music, beautiful.

"Concentric circle shake". This swing of water-use computers to precisely control the sprinklers, water-soft and beautiful. Arch in the tiny bud of the bud, open flowers in full bloom, as well as a spirit flower basket, welcome to tourism, visiting eight friends.