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Working Principle Of Laminar Jet
- Sep 12, 2017 -

    Jet Vacuum pump is the use of water high-speed injection, resulting in negative pressure, to achieve the purpose of suction vacuum. The notable features of Jet vacuum pump are: fuel saving, water saving, reliable work, low maintenance cost, long service life, convenient installation, and the vacuum of the same time with condensation, vacuuming, absorption, exhaust, enhanced reflection and so on. Can do vacuum conveying materials, vacuum evaporation, vacuum dehydration, vacuum crystallization, vacuum concentration, vacuum filtration, vacuum drying, chemical absorption, vacuum oxygen removal, oxygen supply, can also be applied to environmental protection, change environmental pollution and working conditions. can also be smoked toxic, corrosive, loose granular and flammable gas and liquid.Laminar Jet

    The biggest characteristic of FRP jet vacuum pump is good anticorrosion property, besides the notable working characteristic of Lzs jet vacuum pump, it can directly draw the corrosive gas and liquid with higher concentration. Jet vacuum pump is widely used in light industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, papermaking, food, plastic rubber, petroleum, environmental protection and other industries.Laminar Jet

    The jet blower is usually hung at the top of the tunnel or mounted on the side wall of the tunnel, and the tunnel itself is used as a duct, and when the fan works, it can produce a higher thrust from the given energy. A part of the air in the tunnel is inhaled by the blower, and after doing work by the impeller, the outlet of the blower is blown out at high speed. Based on the principle of impact transmission, the high speed airflow passes the energy to another part of the tunnel and pushes it back to flow together, thereby pushing the air inside the tunnel to the exit end and inhaling fresh air from the inlet. When the airflow velocity decays to a certain value, the next group of fans continues to drive the air in the same way, and the purpose of eliminating the polluted air in the tunnel is realized.Laminar Jet

    The working principle of axial-flow fan is: When the impeller rotates, the gas enters the impeller from the inlet shaft, which is pushed by the blades of the impeller to increase the energy of the gas and then into the guide vane. The guide Vane transforms the deflection airflow into axial flow, and the gas is imported into the diffuser, and the gas kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy, and the work pipeline is finally introduced. Axial fan blades are generally rotatable angle, most of the axial fans are equipped with a set of vane hydraulic adjustment device. When the wind run, through the Vane hydraulic adjustment device, can adjust the blade installation angle, and maintain at a certain angle, so that it in the variable working conditions still has a high efficiency.Laminar Jet