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What Is Dry Floor Fountain?
- May 03, 2018 -

  Dry floor fountain is also known as the square fountain, it not very common in our various music fountain manufacturers , but it is very unique. The fountain equipment is installed in the ground, and then set the nozzle and light under the mesh cover, in the fountain water scene performances, the water column through the cover or some granite pavement and other holes to reach a The purpose of viewingThe main advantage of dry floor fountain is the scientific use of land area, which can carry out fountain water features in the absence of land area. Dry floor fountain water feature performance is much more safer than the average fountain. In the performance of the fountain, the ground is a good place for people to enjoy the fountain show; when fountain stop performance, people can walk and play on it. One place, two usages.  

  Dry floor fountain is more and more popular on the square, include the square of the shopping mall, public park, water park, ect.