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Waterfall The Calculation
- May 26, 2017 -

1, waterfall consumption calculation Kepker K of which K-flow-Weir width H--W water curtain K--coefficient 107.1 (0 177) + (14 22) Shanh D tank depth calculation plus 3% surplus.

2,overseas experience waterfall height of 2 meters per metre width of 0.5 cubic/divided into 

3, domestic experience in every second of the extension of 5-10 liters per hour or 20-40t per extension of rice is appropriate There is an empirical formula Kepker-Waterfall water surface width Waterfall curtain outflow weir groove of the residential K-coefficient usually take 1.1 waterfall thickness to determine 1 wall flow, 3 Eibun hanging type waterfall body, 3 3 magnificent suspension type waterfall body, 5 20mm