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Formation of the waterfall Group
- Jul 01, 2017 -

             The formation of waterfalls, especially the formation of river bed waterfalls in the Grand Canyon, should be the performance of a staged river-bed landform that results from the difference of the topography of the river under the interaction of internal and external forces. The role of its formative factors should be comprehensive and complex. Of course, in the analysis of its formative factors, there will be major or secondary differences, but also in a series of specific conditions of the combination of factors, at a certain time of the inevitable performance. The Grand Canyon River bed Falls, is in such short distance, the high slope drop, the large quantity of water condition, the water hydrodynamic action chooses certain geological tectonic part energy release one kind of inevitable manifestation, also is the river development tracing erosion in the present stage time period, in the certain topographic position one kind of inevitable manifestation.

             Of course, the formation of the waterfall group is different, through very detailed work, specific analysis. If Xi pulls to the river bed of 20 km to the entrance of Parrando, Tibet:

              (1) Short distance channels for the S-shaped or right-angle-shaped sharp turn, the main waterfall and the relatively concentrated waterfall group is the first to appear in the riverbed S-shaped bend and the right angle of the bend of the transition of abrupt changes in the terrain where stress is relatively easy to concentrate, such as the maximum (GAP) of the Bubadon Shan number, Shan waterfall appears in the riverbed S-shaped corner.

              (2) short distance inner canyon Bedrock River

The shape of the bed deep groove occurs in the change of the beam-place, a large waterfall. For example, a velvet waterfall falls from a relatively wide riverbed to a suddenly narrowed riverbed into a deeper, narrower bedrock channel. At the same time, any giant waterfall below must have a deep pool, it will inevitably change the shape of the Riverbed Valley and the nature of the water flow, which is complementary to one another, should be said to be involved in the formation of the waterfall terrain. If the Bubadon waterfall falls down to form a large triangular waterfall, waterfall water in which the rapid tumbling, forming a triangular pool, and milk-like milky white water fall down.Waterfall

              (3) from the location of the Bubadon Shan Waterfall satellite image analysis, here the metamorphic rock system Near East-west direction, cross-strait production is continuous, the emergence of the waterfall is mainly due to the river bed and beam in the tension caused by the relative concentration of stress on the difference. At the Velvet Falls, according to Professor Zhang Wenjing, the presence of the waterfall is related to the emergence of a hard lithologic stratum located in the quartzite veins in the transverse strata.Waterfall

             (4) As for the Bubadon Shan waterfall, which is the largest waterfall in the Grand Canyon (35 m high), the emergence of a series of small waterfalls and drop is related to the blockage of many large-scale collapse deposits in the riverbed. The entire Grand Canyon some riverbed Cascades and the drop rapids, many all with the formidable gou debris flow accumulation in main stream river bed, the partial change river bed gradient difference also has the relations.Waterfall