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Waterfall Faucet
- Jul 22, 2017 -

             ' Waterfall faucet ' outlet can be above also can be the following, but also can change the direction of the faucet, in fact, a variety of ' waterfall faucet ' There are many kinds, the design is different, without exception is the water is like pouring out, waterfall faucet to change the past column-like flow and the use of a more flat waterfall flow, creating a quiet, warm atmosphere, so much people love.

              A, all copper faucet: pure copper faucet using all copper refining, surface chrome treatment, high gloss, has a high abrasion resistance and corrosion performance. Mainly with its own copper content and process to distinguish quality, for the plumbing industry copper is mainly 59 copper, in addition to copper, there are other metal content, if lead content is too high will be detrimental to human health, now the market on a number of taps in the general 3%-5%, in response to this situation, some manufacturers have been developing a low lead-type faucet, its lead content can be less than 0.3%, in view of the general consumer of lead content is difficult to judge, And the international pipeline products for the lead content has strict provisions, so for their own health considerations Best Buy through the relevant certified faucet.Waterfall

              Second, Alloy faucet: Alloy bibcock price and the whole copper Bibcock compares, the price is much cheaper, and this kind of faucet is more easy large-scale production, in which the massive use is the zinc alloy, the zinc alloy faucet is harmful to the human body, and very is not durable, at present, zinc alloy can be used to do faucet handles, and some bathroom hardware pendants, because zinc alloy electroplating process is very mature, and some manufacturers will deliberately aggravate the weight of the zinc alloy faucet, so it is difficult to pass the weight, the appearance of its with the whole copper faucet difference, for your health, It is still recommended to buy through the relevant certification and evaluation agency evaluation of the faucet.

             Third, ceramic faucet: Ceramic faucet As the name suggests is the production of ceramic faucet, compared with other faucets, ceramic faucet has no rust, no oxidation, not easy to wear advantages, ceramic faucet appearance is generous, because the shell is also ceramic products, so more can with the bathroom products, add ceramic art, foil the high-grade temperament.Waterfall

            Four, stainless steel faucet: Stainless steel faucet does not contain lead, and acid, alkali, non-corrosive, do not release harmful substances, will not pollute the source of water, it is understood that at present more than 304 stainless steel faucet surface does not need electroplating, its surface only needs polishing can be its stainless steel appearance, and can continue to maintain the luster of silver-white, never rust, stainless steel hardness, toughness are more than twice times higher than copper products, but stainless steel its hardness, toughness, casting and cutting processing is much more difficult than copper, high cost.Waterfall