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Water Curtain Theater Imaging System
- May 05, 2016 -

Water curtain image by projectors, mechanical devices, control support, communication, software, time signals and DMX512 interface interface. Engine of the projector by means of optical sensing and control, high precision, there are three control methods: programming control, direct control and practical program.

Imaging technology in a water curtain composed completely of water moving on the screen or set as shown. This transparent screen underwater systems, can be installed in the boat, water pan, at the seaside, in pool or in our place-pool. Rejection of common cloth, walls, using water as the carrier projected through high pressure water pump and water tank will be ejected at high speed, vaporized to form "screen", then by a special projector to project the image onto it.

Because the screen is a transparent film, so there was a special optical effects in video, the penetrating vision of the screen makes the illusion of film content and skillfully combines the water, fan-shaped water one with the natural night sky, making sense of immersive, fascinating. Water as high as more than 20 meters, width of 30-50 meters, all kinds of VCD discs or water screen-specific films are played on water curtain, unique video effects, novel and is an excellent advertising tool, various plazas and wide open surface water film can be installed. Beach, Lake, quay, water park, swimming pools, fountains, large hotel, bath Center, and many other places in the Park, you can achieve a more solid water curtain theater.