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Water Art Landscape Design
- May 05, 2016 -

Design and choice of nozzles for water features and overall design, you should analyze the basic requirement of environment, and then analyze the various forms of waterscape, breakdown of different combinations, draw a picture, from which selection.

Water forms there is standing water, water, water, spray of water, such as these forms can be derived from a variety of forms, in particular the development of nozzle technology, water jet attitude is changing. With these materials, and professional art and design, you can sketch out the beautiful water Arts landscape.

In addition, various landscape forms for different scenarios. Music Fountain Square and other meeting places. It is based on the music, water, organic combination of light to give a person with Visual and auditory beauty and one with the square and the fountain, forming a part of the building. Better design of buildings and in residential areas surrounded by streams, to reflect the quiet and leisurely atmosphere, give the gentle, relaxed vision, so as to create a pleasant living space to rest.