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Types Of Musical Water Fountain
- Aug 18, 2017 -

              With the continuous improvement of the material and spiritual living standards of our people, there are many kinds of music fountains in the civic squares, units and residents ' living quarters of Chinese cities. Music Fountain, as the name implies, refers to the fountain of water in accordance with the rhythm and rhythm of music play a regular change, supplemented by light, laser or other media changes in the people's vision and hearing to form a harmonious, so that people in the spirit of a pleasant feeling.Water Fountain

               Music fountain in a variety of forms, the author engaged in the Music fountain control system design and manufacturing experience can be broadly divided into the following: Ornamental fountain: Music program Control fountain (divided into water features, lighting control, Waterscape + lighting control, etc.), run spring, water curtain film, laser performance fountain, Volcano Fountain, program-controlled small scene, atomization landscaping, stage mobile water features, sculpture fountains, waterfalls, ultra-high-style fountains, etc. the game participates in the fountain: Jumps the spring, the Pearl Fountain, The fountain Labyrinth, the voice-activated fountain, the step spring , Fountain, Time Tunnel, family fountain landscape.Water Fountain

              Music fountain involves a wide range of professional, including music signal analysis, water supply and drainage, electrical control, communication, camera technology, computer automatic control, three-dimensional animation production and network communication technology. So the music fountain is a highly integrated industry. The successful implementation of a musical fountain project requires the close cooperation of the professional engineering staff in the above aspects.Water Fountain