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Types And Applications Of Water Fountain
- Jun 27, 2017 -

    A fountain of water ejected from the ground, especially an artificial spraying device. A fountain is a combination of water or other liquids that is sprayed through a nozzle with a certain shape, providing a general water pressure pump. The fountain landscape can be divided into two broad categories, one is according to local conditions, based on the site topography structure, modeled after the natural Waterscape, and the second is to rely entirely on fountain equipment artificial landscaping. The fountain is constructed by artificial plastic or natural spring pool, to spray beautiful water posture, for people to watch the waterscape.Water Fountain Water Fountain
    Fountain is an important landscape, it is a waterscape art, embodies the dynamic, static combination, the formation of a bright and lively atmosphere, to the enjoyment of beauty.
    The type of fountain landscape can be divided into two broad categories: one is to local conditions, according to the site topography structure, modeled after natural waterscape, such as: Wall springs, springs, fog springs, pipe flow, streams, waterfalls, water curtain, drop, Shu Tao, Whirlpool and so on. The second is to rely entirely on fountain equipment artificial landscaping. This kind of waterscape is widely used in the construction field, the development speed is very fast, the variety is various, has the music fountain, the program-controlled fountain, the swing fountain, the running fountain, the bright fountain, the amusement fountain, the Ultra high fountain, the laser water curtain movie and so on.Water Fountain
    Fountain Nozzle is the main work part of the art of Fountain, its role is to have a certain pressure of water, through the shape of the nozzle, the formation of a gorgeous splash, spray in the water above. A variety of different combinations of sprinkler heads, but also to create a combination of waterscape landscape, exciting, exciting, produce wonderful artistic effect. Fountain nozzle types are many, according to the structure of different forms, can be divided into direct, rotating, water film, suction, atomization and other types; According to the flower shape of the water spray can be divided into dandelion, trumpet flower, Morning glory, mushroom, ice Tower, open screen and spray nozzle and many other types. With the use of light, electricity, sound and automatic control devices in the fountain, music fountain, intermittent fountain, laser fountain and other forms of emergence, more enriched the content of the fountain, more people in the visual, auditory dual feelings. The famous fountain in the history of our country such as Beijing Yuanmingyuan Big Water Law fountain Group, modern such as the Beijing Tian ' an door on both sides of the fountain and the National Day Tiananmen Square on the temporary fountain group are very majestic spectacular, winning acclaim from Chinese and foreign tourists, applause.Water Fountain