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The World's Most Famous Top Ten Musical Fountains
- Jul 04, 2018 -

  1. The Baile Palace Fountain is located in front of the Baile Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

  2.The Big Wild Goose Pagoda fountain is built in front of this ancient building and is the largest and the world's longest musical fountain in Asia.

    3. This 25.9-meter-long, 19.8-meter fountain building has the most classic and perfect sculptures in Italy. The whole sculpture is symmetrical. In the center, there is a statue of the sea god, which is driven by two horses. The statue of the sea god was designed by the sculptor Berachi in 1762. There are two water gods on the left and right sides of Poseidon. On the water statue on the right, there is a relief of the "girls indicating the water source", and there are four statues on the reliefs representing the four seasons. The name of this fountain is derived from a beautiful legend: back to the fountain throwing a coin from the shoulder to the pool, there is a chance to visit Rome again.

    4. Located in the city of Barcelona, the Montéic Fountain in Plaza España is famous for its varied colors and glamour.

    5. Jeddah, a port city in the west of Saudi Arabia, has the world's tallest fountain, the King Fahd Fountain.

    6. In the famous commercial city of Singapore, the underground of Sunda City is built with the world's largest fountain, the Fountain of Wealth.

    7. People's Friendship Fountain (also known as National Unity) is located in Moscow, and is famous for its 16 gilded, girl sculptures in Soviet costumes.

    8. The oval fountain is located on the left side of the Baiquan Trail and is a separate small courtyard. 

    9. St. Petersburg Summer Palace is located in the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. The main landscape of the Summer Palace is the 20-meter Grand Falls fountain.

   10. The volcanic fountain used to be one of Abu Dhabi's landmark buildings and one of the world's most famous fountains.