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The Use And Principles Of Water Fountain
- Jun 13, 2017 -

     Fountain, refers to the underground by the ground spray spring; specifically refers to the artificial water spray equipment.

     Definition: Fountain is a water or other liquid through a certain pressure through the nozzle spray out with a specific shape of the composition, to provide water pressure is generally a water pump.

     Category: fountain landscape in general can be divided into two categories:

First, according to local conditions, according to the site terrain structure, modeled on the production of natural water, such as: wall springs, springs, fog springs, pipe flow, streams, waterfalls, curtains, water, water Tao, whirlpool and so on.

Second, completely rely on fountain equipment artificial landscape. This kind of water features are widely used in the construction field, the development speed is very fast, a wide variety, there are musical fountain, program fountain, swing fountain, running fountain, bright fountain, fun fun fountain, super fountain, laser water curtain film.Water Fountain

     Uses: fountain was originally a natural landscape, is the ground water outcrops. The fountain in the garden, usually in order to create the needs of the scene, the artificial construction of a decorative water spray device. Fountains can moisten the surrounding air, reduce dust, reduce the temperature. Fountain of small droplets with air molecules hit, can produce a lot of negative oxygen ions. Therefore, the fountain is conducive to improving the urban landscape and enhance the physical and mental health of residents.Water Fountain

    Principle: The principle of the fountain is a momentum conservation, from the radius of the pipeline to a small radius of the pipeline, resulting in a change in speed, rushed away from the ground direction. The speed of the large radius is driven by the pump, the speed in the small radius is the original speed, with the momentum conversion speed. Need to choose a micro-yuan to calculate the momentum conservation, so that can find a speed, the speed is the export speed, and then is a throw on the move, this is the ideal situation, no friction, no wind.Water Fountain