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The Role Of Light Water Fountain
- Sep 30, 2017 -

The fountain was originally a natural landscape, is the ground outcrop of confined water. The fountain in the garden, usually in order to create the needs of the scene, the artificial construction of a decorative water spray device. Fountains can moisten the surrounding air, reduce dust, reduce the temperature. Fountain of small droplets with air molecules hit, can produce a lot of negative oxygen ions. Therefore, the fountain is beneficial to improve the urban landscape and enhance the physical and mental health of residents.Water Fountain The continuous increase in the level of public consumption, directly lead to a higher level of people's pursuit of life. Fashion, quality, personality, more and more become an indispensable personal home life important theme. The highlight of the importance of furniture makes the gift of home jewelry has become a unit, personal gift of fashionable way.Water Fountain In the past, the fountain of the outdoor large square gives a symbol of authority, wealth, vitality, status, and rarely into the family as a decoration, so the traditional oxygen bar, humidifier, fountain has once become a popular home decoration, but Its own decorative is not strong, less features, a single appearance, and gradually can not meet the consumer's vision. There are personality, artistic taste and beautify the home function, but also has practical indoor fountain, so in recent years, consumption has become a common practice, the market space is huge, so with the indoor fountain-related industries known as the sunrise industry.Water Fountain

 Fountain from the ground to spray out the surface of the spring, especially the artificial water spray equipment. The principle of the fountain is a momentum conservation, from the radius of the pipeline to a small radius of the pipeline, resulting in a change in speed, rushed away from the ground direction. The speed of the large radius is driven by the pump, the speed in the small radius is the original speed, with the momentum conversion speed.Water Fountain Fountain placed in the ground, the surface decorated with smooth and beautiful stone, can be laid into a variety of patterns and shapes. When the music sounded, the water spewing out from the ground, in the lanterns, the ground, especially the colorful mirror, the flying water flies in the sky was very tender and beautiful, people hang around. Stop spray, do not hinder the traffic, as usual pedestrians, very suitable for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, buildings, street area and so on.Water Fountain