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The Role Of Fountain Equipment Waterscape Project
- Jul 03, 2018 -

1. Beautify the environment

a. The waterscape project itself can form the main body of a scenic spot and become the center of the landscape.

b. The waterscape project can also decorate and set off other landscapes. The static scenery is matched with the active waterscape, which can achieve the combination of static and dynamic, making it more lively and colorful. With the static waterscape, the scenery can be more quiet and stable, complementing each other and avoiding dullness.

2.Improve community climate

The waterscape project can play the role of purifying the air like the sea, forests, grasslands and rivers and lakes, making the air in the scenic area more clean and fresh and moist, so that the tourists feel comfortable, energetic and eliminate irritability.

a. Waterscape engineering can increase the humidity of the nearby air, especially in hot and dry areas.

b. The waterscape project can increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the nearby air, reduce the number of suspended bacteria, and improve the hygienic conditions of the air.