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The Main Points Of The Waterfall Shoot
- Aug 31, 2017 -

    Waterfall has always been photographed one of the theme of the landscape, the water flow atomization and stone hard contrast can often form a beautiful composition, in fact, the shooting waterfall is not difficult, try the following experience to shoot it! The best time to shoot a waterfall is after the rain, when the water flow is sufficient, not only can make the Cyanine Moss appears more green, also can let the water mix and soil, add a layer of gold color for the waterfall.Waterfall

    Unless your target waterfall is difficult to reach, you will usually be crowded with people, and try to get to the sights at one o'clock, so you can shoot on the waterfall alone. If there really is a crowd, try to find an empty file to close the waterfall to shoot the details. If you want to make the water flow like a mist with a dreamy feeling, you need to use a tripod to capture the flow of water while keeping the stone clear. Waterfall

    By the speed of the water to adjust your shutter, the slower the shutter can make the water more slippery. The first photo below uses a 6-second shutter, and the second photo is 1 seconds. Remember that if you have enough light, you can use a dimming lens to ensure that you have the correct exposure under the slow shutter.Waterfall

    Adding characters to a photo can make it more appealing and narrative. I had taken many photos of the waterfall when I took the picture, but then decided to wait for some people to stand on the bridge and shoot. For me, a photo with a character is often more attractive than the scenery, so do not be afraid of other people in the photo, but pay attention to the shutter speed can not be too slow, otherwise the character will be lost!Waterfall

    Another trick to make a photograph more engaging is to add a prospect to the waterfall and look at the photos below, and if you don't have that stone, the photos will become commonplace and tasteless! Add this stone because the flow of water flows, can create a beautiful dynamic effect. So next time you remember not to be impatient, first look around to see if there is a proper prospect!Waterfall

    Usually there is a waterfall in the place will be very slippery, walking on the stone must be doubly careful. It is also suggested that when filming with a plastic bag cover the camera to avoid getting wet, you can also prepare a rag to remove the water droplets on the lens. A sturdy tripod and PTZ ensures that your camera doesn't fall into the water when it's filmed.Waterfall

   In some cases, the position of the waterfall is dissipated upstream by the water from the cliff or steep ridge, while in other cases the erosion tends to be deep downward and cuts across the entire reach of the waterfall. Over time, the combination of these factors makes it inevitable that any waterfalls that may be formed will disappear. The energy of the river will eventually produce a relatively smooth, concave-oriented longitudinal profile.Waterfall