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The Largest Music Fountain In Asia
- May 03, 2018 -

The largest music fountain in Asia is known in Luoyang, as follows:

Luoyang Music Fountain is the world's longest numerical control running spring (369 meters), the world's largest integrated waterscape project (approximately 120,000 square meters of fountain area), the lake is 576 meters long, 312 meters long from north to south, including the fountain area It is 369 meters long and 168 meters wide from north to south. The depth of the lake reaches 2.5 meters.

Luoyang Music Fountain takes Peony as the main shape element and has beautiful lines. There are 5698 sprinkler heads, 22116-inch underwater lights, and 1407-purpose fountain pumps. All equipments are controlled by 10 professional computers through multi-level interconnection control technology. The control became another beautiful scene besides the peony during the wedding.