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The Development Of The Water Fountainand The Principle Explanation
- Oct 23, 2017 -

A fountain is a combination of water or other liquids that is sprayed through a nozzle with a certain shape, providing a general water pressure pump. Fountain originated early in 6th century BC in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.Water Fountain 

The ancient Greek era has been gradually developed from the fountain of drinking water into a decorative spring. There is a saying that fountains originated in Islamic countries in the fast bathing water supply method. In Islamic gardens, a fountain or along an axis, or as the center of a local composition. Renaissance Fountain Technology has a great development, this period of fountains and statues, column ornaments, pools and other combined landscaping.Water Fountain Fountain Experiment's basic principle is: the gas in the liquid solubility is very big, produces in the short time Enough pressure difference (negative pressure), then opens the piston, the barometric pressure will the beaker the liquid to press into the flask, forms the fountain in the tip conduit mouth. To solve this problem, we think of several factors that affect air pressure. According to the Clapeyron equation: pv=nrt, eject = (NRT)/V (r is constant). To make the p smaller, you can change a variable in n, T, v. So there are three ways to reduce the air pressure: the amount of material (n) that reduces the gas, the temperature of the gas (T), and the volume of the Gas (V).Water Fountain

There are two ways to reduce the amount of matter in a gas: physical methods and chemical methods. Physical methods can take the gas away or physically dissolve, chemical methods can be chemically dissolved by chemical reaction or chemical, and the temperature of the gas can be lowered by pouring in cold water or by placing a wet towel at the bottom of the bottle, or by moving the device into a cooler environment, while increasing the volume of the gas can be taken to raise the temperature (e.g., A method of pouring or heating a towel on the bottom of a bottle or changing the volume of a container.Water Fountain

The method of using chemical method to reduce the amount of the gas is related to the solubility of the gas and the type of the absorption solution. The size of the gas solubility will have an impact on the formation of the fountain. such as, soluble in water gas, in the water solubility of small gas, insoluble in water gas; because of their solubility in water, so that the reduction of pressure is not the same as the fountain can produce and the size of the fountain key. The type of absorbent will also have an impact on the formation of the fountain, the different absorption liquid, and gas between the reaction, the size of the solubility of the gas, which determines the success of the Fountain experiment.Water Fountain