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The Composition Of Water Fountain
- May 26, 2017 -

1. Water Fountain Nozzle

Water Fountain is an integral unit of a liquid (sometimes mixed with gas) under pressure that enters a single or multiple nozzle through a joint and then squirted into the air. Water Fountain products are divided into pure jet, water film jet, foam jet, dance jet, rotation, composite 6 groups, respectively, capital letter "C" "M" "P" "W" "X" "F". The materials should be made of copper or stainless steel;

2. Water Fountain Pipeline

* The pipeline of fountain works should choose stainless steel pipe, copper tube. can be used for welding, pressure, flange and other interface connection. When restricted by the investment conditions, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe can be used, connection can be threaded connection or flange connection.

* Indoor Waterscape Fountain project and Mobile Waterscape Fountain project in the absence of antifreeze, seismic requirements, plastic pipes can be selected.

* All kinds of tubing shall conform to the applicable national or industry standards.

* Materials and grades should be determined according to the water quality of the environment and landscape.

3. Water Fountain Special submersible Pump

Motor performance: The use of high-quality materials DR470, increase the number of windings of the motor winding and line diameter to allow the pump to withstand frequent start. Hydraulic part: The use of excellent hydraulic model design, so that pump flow, lift, efficiency of the three more reasonable. Structure features: The motor is a self circulation water-filled cooling; cable with three-phase four-wire JHS-type fountain special cable; The impeller adopts the anti-loosening device, the strainer cover adopts the whole stainless steel material; The internal stator rotor of the motor adopts the imported coating, which improves the corrosion resistance of the underwater motor and makes it more suitable for the frequent loading of the fountain project through the

4. Water Fountain Lantern

Fountain lighting generally uses underwater and water two types of lighting. Underwater lighting is generally used led underwater lantern, its high efficiency, energy saving and long life characteristics, its operating voltage of 12V safety voltage, installation mode for fixed installation. The water illumination generally uses the projection light and the strong light lamp and so on.

5. Water Fountain Valve

The common valves in fountain engineering are copper ball valves, globe valves, Gate valves, Butterfly valves, quick-open valves, regulating valves, check valves, etc., for program-controlled fountain, music fountain, running spring, spring, etc., but also often used underwater solenoid valve, CNC valve, hydraulic valve or pneumatic valve.

6. Water Fountain Special Effects Sensing System

In the Fountain project some special effects, often used in some specific machinery and equipment, such as underwater swing motor, reducer, a variety of swing mechanism, a variety of water distribution, rectifier and so on. With these machines and equipment, the water shape of the fountain greatly enhances the change of artistic form, enhances the ornamental effect and the artistic level of the fountain Waterscape.