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The Cause Of The Waterfall
- Jun 13, 2017 -

     Waterfall in the geological called water, that is, when the river flows through the fault, depression and other areas vertically from the high-altitude drop. In the river period, the waterfall is a temporary feature, it will eventually disappear. The rate of erosion depends on the height of the particular waterfall, the flow, the type and structure of the rock, and other factors.

    The flowing river suddenly resembles a vertical drop in the area. The waterfall indicates the main obstruction in the river flow. In most cases, the river is always through the erosion and siltation process to smooth the uneven flow of the way. After a period of time, the river that long profile (slope curve) to form a smooth arc: the most steep river source, the most gentle river mouth. The waterfall interrupts this arc, and their presence is a measure of the progress of the erosion process. Waterfalls are also known as riverside, sometimes called Great Falls, which are particularly common when talking about large amounts of water. Relatively low, steep little waterfall called the small waterfall. This name is commonly used to refer to a series of small drops along the river. Some river sections are more gentle, but in the river slope local increase in the corresponding turbulence and white water, these rivers called rapids.Waterfall

     In some cases, the location of the waterfall is due to the cliff or the scarp is washed away by the water flow to the upstream direction, and in other cases, this erosion and tend to deep down, and oblique contains the entire waterfall The Over time, any one or both of these factors at work, the inevitable trend of the river is to eliminate any possible waterfall.Waterfall

The energy of the river will eventually build a relatively smooth, waterfall concave upward profile. Even when the gravel as a river erosion tool does not exist, the energy that can be used for the erosion of the waterfall base is also large. Associated with any size of the waterfall, but also with the flow and highly related one of the characteristic characteristics is the existence of the pool, it is in the bottom of the water, digging out of the basin in the river. In some cases, the depth of the pool may be similar to the height of the cliff that caused the waterfall. The pool eventually led to the collapse of the cliffs and the fall of the waterfall.Waterfall

    Causing the cliffs in the water under the strong impact will continue to collapse, making the waterfall to the upstream direction and reduce the height, and ultimately lead to the disappearance of waterfalls.Waterfall