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Taipei Flora Expo Phase III Testing Today Asia's Largest Outdoor Water Eyes
- May 05, 2016 -

China Taiwan network October 21 message according to Taiwan joint reported reported, Taipei Hua Bo today (21st) up to 24th for third stage test, open Grand Park District, and the never exposure had of big better River bin Park District, will in Keelung River coast build "blue light carved", has Asia maximum outdoor water scene show, people more can and night glory painted di wall light carved interactive, is spent Bo most for night visit of exhibition.

However, the phase III testing, does not open the hottest new three museums, and the opening hours are from 9 o'clock in the morning until 6 o'clock in the afternoon, the "blue eagle" 5:30 daily light, with just a half an hour, plus water screen show and water lilies light sculptures not open, people to see the "blue eagle", and was officially opened on November 6. Lingering garden are still limited to 15,000 people a day.

It was reported that the phase III open area, at a cost of more than 85 million Yuan (NT, the same below) to create the "blue eagle" the most characteristic. 1250-metre long dam wall in the Keelung River Bank luminous art gallery, day, flower painting, also used lasers to paint colors, Glitters at night.