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Sprinkler Type Of Water Fountain
- Aug 31, 2017 -

     The type of sprinkler heads: the commonly used nozzle is: Adjustable DC Nozzle Adjustable DC NOZZLE: Spray into a linear water column; shaking nozzle: The combination of a variety of strokes, the torsion of the water shape sensitive, special, pendulum undulation, strong dynamic ; Flower Basket: composed of a plurality of nozzles to make a adjustable DC nozzle shaking nozzle basket A large flower basket: Peacock Peacock: by adjustable DC nozzle composition water, as if peacock.Water Fountain

     Adjustable multi-head nozzle can be adjustable long straight nozzle: spray nozzle jet large and strong, imposing, strong, water spray thick; Base Nozzle base nozzle: Jet thick peacock can be adjustable long straight nozzle base nozzle strong, imposing majestic, spray water atmosphere is strong, usually to do large fountains in the first nozzle Add gas nozzle: The use of inhalation air, with less water can occur full of jet, the column is white opaque, reflective effect is better, add gas nozzle air More icicles nozzle icicle: Sprinkler spray water whiter like icicles, reflective effect is good.Water Fountain

     Yongquan Nozzle Fountain Nozzle: In the vicinity of the nozzle composed of water vapor mixture of white icicles spray nozzle color venturi, with less water to give everyone full of a huge scene. Music fountain, laser water Curtain Fountain Spray Nozzle atomization: The use of water spray effect force to spray into smoke-like smoke, such as fog; hemispherical nozzle hemisphere Nozzle atomizer NOZZLE Hemisphere nozzle: beautiful appearance, spray the water film evenly, water sound small, special.Water Fountain

     The use of water spray reverse effect force or centrifugal force to promote the nozzle to form a curved body water type, like the Chang ' e shu sleeve. Fountain control system, fountain maintenance mushroom nozzle: Less water, water spray when the sound of small, uniform water film, like mushrooms, hemispherical; vertical rotating nozzle vertical rotary nozzle is a music fountain change fountain pool design base of the necessary nozzle; horizontal rotary NOZZLE: The use of hydraulic propulsion to 360 degrees rotation, water posture such as wheel fly Unique。Water Fountain

     Style Nozzle style nozzle: Water spraying effect level is clear, water pressure horizontal rotating nozzle style nozzle when beautiful, high hydraulic, spray water column strong and powerful, spray the appearance of a flower-like bouquet; dandelion Nozzle dandelion Nozzle: A sphere out of a lot of pipe, lace nozzle dandelion nozzle form a large sphere, Spray water as if the dandelion flower ball, Majestic, can be set up alone or concave and convex weaving settings; hemisphere dandelion nozzle hemisphere dandelion nozzle: The external type is like peacock, water outlet small, spray noise, such as small.Water Fountain