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Private Encounters In The Fountain What Are The Network
- May 05, 2016 -


1, a small fountain in the pipe can be directly buried in the Earth; main pipelines should be laid in the large fountain can access people's channel, seized from the fountain under the base.

2, in order to make the fountain received high flow, use of circular cross water supply distribution.

3, due to water evaporation and part water jet were blown away by the wind, water loss, should be located in a pool supply pipes. Fill pipes and city water supply connection.

4, in order to prevent the rain water overflow caused by rising, located within the pool overflow pipe straight through city water wells. And peripheral overflow trash.

5, for the cleaning and all finished water, flooded water from a pond should be located at the bottom, through city water wells.

6, to prevent frost damage in winter in cold regions, all pipes should have a certain slope.

7, connect the water nozzle cannot have changed dramatically. If there is any change, pipe diameter must be gradually changed from large to small, and in front of the nozzle for an appropriate length of straight pipe, keep the Jets stability.

8, each group has the same high degree of Jet, should have their own equipment. Normal usage or rectifier to adjust the flow rate and head.