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Pool Dancing Fountain For Saudi Air Force
- Aug 02, 2018 -

This is the first project of fountain series I built for Royal Saudi Air Force in Taif City in the year of 2015.

Royal Saudi Air Force Fountain Location -Taif City in Saudi Arabia -

(Royal Saudi Air Force Fountain Location -Taif City in Saudi Arabia –

There are totally 3 fountains for this air force project: a dancing fountain in 8m diameter, a dancing fountain with artificial fog in 13m diameter and this 12x4m dancing fountain.

When my client, a Saudi Arabia based contractor handled over complete project information to me, I realized this is an government project and price may be not the key factor to get my job done. The most important factor should be quality.

As you can see, the fountains located in an air base, which means my workers are unable to walk in & out easily. There might be endless files and signs for just do one single fountain maintenance. So I must do every job perfectly at the very beginning.

This rectangle dancing pool fountain with the size 12x4m. Configured with 7 different groups of water feature.
104pcs of spray nozzle, 125pcs of underwater light and 10pcs of submersible pump in total.
Each group can perform separately or combined.

Project Details


March, 2015


Royal Saudi Air Force