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Numerical Simulation Of Laminar Jet In Foam Fluid
- Aug 18, 2017 -

             Foam fluid is a kind of power law non-Newtonian fluid widely used in petroleum engineering, which solves the problem of foam jet in the operation of foam fluid flushing, foam drilling and so on. CFD Numerical simulation software fluent is used to calculate the axisymmetric laminar flow submerged jet of foam fluid, the distribution of velocity field and apparent viscosity field in the jet region is obtained, and the influence of power law exponent and consistency coefficient on the jet is studied.Laminar Jet

             It can be concluded that the dimensionless velocity distributions of the non-Newtonian fluid laminar jets are similar, but they are quite different from the dimensionless velocity distributions of the turbulent jets of Newtonian fluids. The velocity of the jet axis plunges at the exit of the jet; dimensionless axial distance is less than 3 o'clock, and different k and n have little effect on the axial velocity distribution, the dimensionless axial distance is great, the greater the K and N, the slower the axis velocity decays. These conclusions are consistent with the previous results, which prove that CFD simulation software fluent is feasible for numerical simulation of non-Newtonian fluid laminar jets. It is suggested that the study of non-Newtonian fluid turbulence model should be strengthened, and the experimental method is the most direct method to study non-Newtonian fluid turbulent jets.Laminar Jet

            The result of the full development area of the jet is consistent with the similar solution, the difference between the results of the jet development segment and the literature [3] is due to the assumption of similar solutions, which makes it impossible to predict the development of the initial phase of the jet, but the numerical solution gradually approximates the similarity solution as the distance from the nozzle increases. Rubel solves the complete form of n s equation of the whole wall jet region, and proves that the solution of boundary layer equation is high, which can meet the need of engineering in the larger Reynolds number.Laminar Jet