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Music Fountain Control
- May 23, 2016 -

As a musical fountain, impossible performance for a long time in a day, because here: the first large power, the second open would make it a lack of freshness for a long time, especially when there is no light in the daytime, is ineffective. Fountain as a view of the whole square, in addition to musical performance, but also needs to be considered as fixed attractions-water effect. Type of use is one of the longest fixed water. Therefore, on the design and selection of fountain water in addition to performing music of beauty, taking into account the effect of water, so the settings on control have different functions.

1. manual control: in the daytime or night-time music intervals, click independent open-water, forming a combination model variable. To conserve electricity, usually the most commonly used.

2. program: If you want to have different combinations of styling changes, you can open the level of functional ability, makes water set according to the procedure changes, different shapes, make people feel different color is wonderful.

3. real-time sound control: is currently the most widely used of a control, it features can respond to any audio signal, live karaoke OK, but this method of control has some drawbacks.