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Modern Technology Manufacture Of Laminar Jet
- Nov 01, 2017 -

With the rapid development of science and engineering technology, the requirements of new materials, structures and processes are becoming more and more urgent.Laminar Jet 

People should not only improve the surface properties of materials, but also to understand the interaction of elements (atoms), the formation of new phase, metastable, amorphous formation and other mechanisms; the requirements of some structural devices have reached the μm, NM level (advanced laser gyro Reflector substrate Requirements ra≤1nm, integrated circuit linewidth ra≤1μm. In the process of realizing these requirements, the application of plasma processing technology, as one of the special processing methods, has been widely used, and a new technology-plasma aided manufacturing technology has been differentiated.Laminar Jet

There are many methods for the classification of plasmas, but the plasma used in industry is usually based on the temperature, which is more of a non-equilibrium plasma and a low temperature plasma in the thermal ion body. Under normal circumstances, the low temperature heat plasma is higher than that of non-equilibrium plasmas. In fact, it is their work pressure is different, so that their mechanism of action has changed. In low pressure, the collision frequency between the particles is lower, the main effect is the physical process between the charged particle and the processed material. As the pressure increases, the number of collisions increases and the chemical process begins to act as a major role.Laminar Jet

Plasma processing is increasingly closely related to modern manufacturing technology. Can be said to have been involved or penetrated into almost all modern industrial manufacturing fields. From precise micro-nano processing to high power metal smelting and waste treatment, the high energy (state) characteristics of plasmas play an intrinsic advantage, and some aspects have become indispensable technical means. As in the field of MEMS processing, traditional processing methods are almost powerless.Laminar Jet

At present, the application of low temperature hot plasma in industry has the following aspects: Surface coating with corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties, development of new chemical products and new materials, metal refining and high performance ceramics, welding, cutting, hazardous waste treatment, MHD power generation.Laminar Jet