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Longhan Waterfall
- Aug 18, 2017 -

                Longhan Waterfall, in the southern part of the City of Hope Township landscape Jade Huashan Scenic Area northwest. Here the forest is dense, the air is fresh, the bamboo wood covers the highest density place. From the Upper Rock village through the Shuzhaiyumpo to the mountains in the basin of the Jia Mountain, far away can hear the sound of rushing water. See a Dragon Creek hundred turn thousand back, from the canyon rushes in.Waterfall

                Upstream of the river is a group of layers, the size of 2-3 meters tall small waterfalls, from the Valley Stream Xiecili rushed out of the jungle, stir up the spray, can hear the huge roar. Again out of the loop, a white-like Bai is now in the eyes of the people, this is a long-term secret in the virtual unknown Dragon Culvert waterfall.Waterfall

                Yuhua Mountain Dragon Culvert waterfall Group by the size of five-class waterfall, flying beads splash Jade from 30 meters high cascading and under the momentum is very spectacular. Longhan Waterfall is divided into two levels: below the big Dragon Culvert waterfall, the drop nearly 20 meters, above for the small Longhan waterfall, altitude nearly 10 meters. Waterfall water from small pond to temporary cascading and out, forming a big waterfall and a green lake. Deep pool area of more than 200 square meters, like a piece of jade inlaid in the mountains, for tourists to enjoy the tour.

                There is also a moving story about Longhan waterfall. Legend long ago, Dragon Creek downstream Stone Jian Village has a family surnamed Liu's son, called "small Carisolv Tsai", in a day of drought, sleep in the upstream of the Dragon Creek Firewood, a dazzling pearl jump to small carisolv son mouth fell belly, into a dragon, into the deep pools. From then on, but also in the dry years, he went straight into the sky, the powerful, grace the people. The story is still celebrated in the folk.Waterfall