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Landscape Knowledge: Fountain Design
- May 23, 2016 -

Depth of the fountain should be determined according to the layout of piping, equipment requirements. When equipped with submersible pumps, should ensure that the suction nozzle submerged depth of not less than 0.5M, with pump suction port, the assassination seems to guarantee water submergence depth of not less than 0.5M.-pump house using underground and semi-underground and surface drainage should be considered, there should be no less than 5 ‰ incline, slope to the sump. Pump room ventilation should be strengthened, to solve the problem of coordination of half underground pumping station and the surrounding landscape, pumping station design process is often landscape structures, such as Ting, Taiwan, Waterside or hidden beneath the cliffs, waterfalls, and so on.

Fountain nozzles forms are commonly used single Jet nozzle, spray nozzles, ring-shaped spray, rotating nozzles, fan-shaped nozzle, porous nozzle combination, the extrusion nozzles, nozzles and so on. Fountain design, flow, fountains flow, the total lift design etc. Because of the many factors influencing fountain design, it must make appropriate adjustments when the installation is run even made minor changes to improve.