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Laminar Jet
- Aug 24, 2017 -

                This book systematically expounds the basic concept, basic characteristics, basic theory and latest research results of jet, the main contents include: Laminar jet, turbulent jet, free jet, impinging jet, wall jet, swirling jet, variable density jet, double jets, three-dimensional jet, convective heat transfer, Jet aeration, Jet mathematical model and numerical method. This book is rich in the engineering practice of various jet problems, covering almost all types of jet. This book is for Water Conservancy and hydroelectric engineering, aerospace engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, environmental engineering and mechanics, energy, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, food and other fields of students, teachers, scientific research personnel and engineering and technical personnel reference.Laminar Jet

                Laminar Jet Foam fluid is a kind of power law non-Newtonian fluid widely used in petroleum engineering, which solves the problem of foam jet in the operation of foam fluid flushing, foam drilling and so on. CFD Numerical simulation software fluent is used to calculate the axisymmetric laminar flow submerged jet of foam fluid, the distribution of velocity field and apparent viscosity field in the jet region is obtained, and the influence of power law exponent and consistency coefficient on the jet is studied. It can be concluded that the dimensionless velocity distributions of the non-Newtonian fluid laminar jets are similar, but they are quite different from the dimensionless velocity distributions of the turbulent jets of Newtonian fluids. The velocity of the jet axis plunges at the exit of the jet; dimensionless axial distance is less than 3 o'clock, and different k and n have little effect on the axial velocity distribution, the dimensionless axial distance is greater than 3 o'clock, the greater the K and N, the slower the axis velocity decays. These conclusions are consistent with the previous results, which prove that CFD simulation software fluent is feasible for numerical simulation of non-Newtonian fluid laminar jets. It is suggested that the study of non-Newtonian fluid turbulence model should be strengthened, and the experimental method is the most direct method to study non-Newtonian fluid turbulent jets.Laminar Jet