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Kendall Landscape River Water Fountain Running Recently Opened
- May 05, 2016 -

One is implementation of the Kendall River musical fountain spring maintenance. To ensure Kendall landscape River Lake second music fountains safe and stable operation in mid-March, I spring the music fountain maintenance, including fountain complete cleaning, underwater lights, sprinklers, cables, pumps and other equipment to replace, as well as the lighting system. Maintenance was completed in late April, musical fountain is expected in mid-May normally open to the public.

Second, implementation of Kendall landscape river dredging. Kendall landscape River after several years of operation, when heavy silting, March 16, I organize people to paragraph gandeerhe, a project of 6 River impoundment site investigation, remediation programmes and focus on dredging while dredging leakage points to fill gaps found during construction. Dredging can significantly improve the landscape through the river's flood control capacity, inhibit aquatic plant reproduction, reduce damage to water quality, improve water environment landscape. Renovation work has been completed in mid-April, ensuring landscape river water in time.