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Introduction To The Waterfall Model
- Oct 23, 2017 -

The fountain model, unlike the waterfall model, requires the analysis activity to begin the design activity after the end of the design activity. There are no obvious boundaries at each stage of the model, and developers can develop them synchronously. Its advantage is that it can improve the efficiency of software project development, save development time, adapt to the object-oriented software development process.Waterfall

Because the fountain model is overlapping at various stages of development, a large number of developers are needed in the development process and therefore are not conducive to project management. In addition, this model requires strict management of documents, making auditing more difficult, especially in the face of the possibility of adding information, needs and information.Waterfall

A stream of water pouring down a steep cliff from a riverbed. It is mainly caused by different erosion or landslide, fault, lava blockage and differential erosion and accumulation of glaciers by water flow on the soft and hard strata of the river bottom. A waterfall can be formed in the vicinity of a number of waterfalls, mainly formed at the edge of a hard rock or a fault cliff. The waterfall form is made up of waterfall layer, waterfall deep pool and 3 parts of Lake Front canyon.Waterfall 

Because of its magnificent scenery, it has become an important tourist resource. The world-famous waterfalls are: The Mosi-oa-tunya of Africa (Old Victoria Falls), Tugela Fall, North America's Niagara Falls, South America's Angel Fall, Iguazu Falls and so on. Chinese terrain is complex, rivers are numerous, is the country of many waterfalls, famous waterfall has Huangguoshu Pubu, Lushan waterfall of three folds, Huangshan Jiulong waterfall, Yandang mountain Big Dragon waterfall and so on.Waterfall