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"Grand" Heart Of Technology Water Screen Test
- May 05, 2016 -

Yesterday, the landscape bridge on Beijing-Hangzhou Bay Bank. Reporters at the scene saw, in Grand Bay, northeast of the River to the East, connected with those of Beijing-Hangzhou water town, landscape bridges has been built on the River, the landscape East of the bridge, is to control the Gulf of Lake water into the Grand water sluices. As early as the excavation construction of artificial lakes, the relevant authorities in waterways and built a sluice between the Lake and the landscape bridge. Sluice in the city is the first horizontal gate and, therefore, will be the new heart of the Grand landscape.

According to reports, this gate is located in the commercial West end of water Street is building, control of commercial water Street water. Gate width of 8 meters of water, Gate 11 m wide, 8.5 meters high, the lower horizontal gate, Gates also has no precedent in our city. Because the traditional gate is up or to the side, and gate enhancement effects of landscape following the principle of horizontal gate is a gate expansion device is installed on, usually flat on the waterways of the gates, when the gate is stood in the water, play a role in control the water level, but was not erected above the gate stretching devices.