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GO Family Hiking And Climbing Trip To Mountain Daming
- Jun 27, 2016 -

Suzhou Gold Ocean Co., Ltd has organised all staff to have a hiking and climbing trip to Mountain Daming in Zhejiang province, China.

Mt. Daming , the final piece of forgotten pure land in Western Zhejiang, is the only place of interest at the provincial level in Lin'an and a splendid bright pearl inlaying on the gold tourist line from Hangzhou to Mt. Huang . It's 1489 meters above sea level and has 32 ridges or peaks, 13 gullies, 8 waterfalls, 3 grassy marshlands, 94 scenic spots in all. It is famous for its clear blue lake, thousand mu grassy marshland, ten thousand-meter tunnel, connected peaks hollering to the sky, boundless forest.